Dress code is always tricky. We hope you’ll dress up for our event, but we want to keep it low-key, too. It’s best to remember the details of our wedding: 1) it’s in the morning 2) it’s outdoors 3) it’s in October. Katie will be in a wedding gown, and Luke will be in a suit, so while we’re planning a more casual wedding, it IS still a wedding. This isn’t really helping at all, is it?

In an effort to clarify a little, we’ve asked for some help from our good friends Anne Hathaway and Ryan Gosling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other tips:

  • We have a rain contingency plan, so no need to plan your outfit around inclement weather.
  • Ladies, heels will sink into the grass, so wedges or flats might be your best bet.
  • We’ll be in the sunshine, so you may want to bring your shades
  • …but it may also be chilly, so sweaters or light jackets may be a good bet.

If you’re still stuck, or nervous about your wardrobe choices, just shoot the bride a Facebook message. 🙂


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